About Us

Opening hours are between 10.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday and 10.30am until 5.00pm on Saturday. Send us a message using the form below or visit the store.

Step 1:

Book your appointment and have the items valued.

The first step of the pawnbroking process is to book an appointment with us to discuss your pieces. We offer loans against a variety of items, including gold, antique jewellery and modern jewellery.

You can use our booking system to confirm your appointment. Upon arrival you will be seen by a member of staff who will be able to value the items for you. All loans we offer are for a period of 7 months and we charge 7% interest per month.

Step 2:

Sign the contracts and receive payment.

In order for the contracts to be completed, you will be required to bring the following:

  • One form of photo ID, i.e. driver’s license, passport
  • One form of address ID dated within the last three months, i.e. a utility bill, a council tax bill

If you do not bring one of these IDs, we will be unable to offer you the loan.

Once the contracts have been signed, we will then be able to pay the loan either via a bank transfer, which is immediate, or cash.

Step 3:

Redeem or renew your contract.

You have 14 days in order to withdraw from the contract should you choose. The contract will then last for 7 months. Once the contract is finished, you will be contacted by letter. You will be given a two week grace period in order to redeem or renew your contract.

Should you like to redeem your goods, you will need to pay back the original loan, along with the accrued interest. Should you like to renew your contract, you will need to pay back the accrued interest. You will then be issued a new contract, for another 7 months.

For more information, please feel free to call us on +44 (0) 20 7242 1792 or book an appointment.